Rheavendors group wins the IMAGE OF VENDING award

Rheavendors group wins the IMAGE OF VENDING award

The rheavendors group project vending in motion, a new interface for our luce X2 touchTV machine, is the winner of the IMAGE OF VENDING competition, as announced by the European Vending Association in occasion of the EurOps Conference (Lisbon, 14-15 April).

The winner’s name was announced during a dinner aboard the yacht Vista do Tejo, that ended the conference, where the main actors of European vending had the chance to share their experiences. The vending in motion project has been voted by an international jury composed by representatives of important vending companies.

The award has a great value for rheavendors group, because it confirms our effort to impress a wholly new speed in the vending world.

The new interface of luce X2 touchTV has endless configuration possibilities and opens a new whole host of easily accessible contents, such as information sheets (nutritional etc.) sheets on each product, as well as advertising and commercial videos. Interfacing with the end consumer is made simple and intuitive thanks to an LCD 22-inch touch screen monitor, that offers many opportunities to the operators. The videos guide the consumers throughout their purchase experience.

Moreover rheavendors group has conceived three different sets of graphics for the selection buttons, so that the customers themselves can decide the outlook of the screen. The interface can be customized for any geographic area and market scenario to present the products from any infomercial point of you.

A new step toward technology vanguard for the vending world.