Carlo Majer, EVA Vice President December 2011

Carlo Majer, EVA Vice President December 2011

On December 12, 2011 the Annual General Meeting of EVA (European Vending Association) was held in Brussels in Belgium. This year it coincided with the election of the new President and his Executive Committee for years 2012-2013.

The vice presidency of the Association has been assigned by broad consensus to Carlo Majer (CEO and Vice President of Rheavendors Group), while Arnaud van Amerongen has renewed for the third time his presidential term.

In addition, an important event for our Country is represented by two Italian appointments in the Executive Committee of EVA: Carlo Majer as a representative of Confida, and Lucio Pinetti (Confida President), now representing the operators in Southern Europe.

«The trust that the EVA members expressed to me has been a honour and a source of great responsibility - feelings that will guide my work as Vice President», said Carlo Majer.

This election is a further reinforcement of the commitment that Rheavendors Group gives to enhance the world and the culture of vending, as well as a reconfirmation of its international vision by tradition.